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Brandy says that the reality TV cameras capture lots of family interactions, and they’re not always so pleasant. “It’s interesting because your life is basically put on blast,” the “Moesha” star says. “But after a while you forget that the cameras are there and that’s when the magical, special moments on reality TV [happen].”
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Brandy(Norwood) was born on February 11, 1979, in Mississippi, and raised in California. At the tender age of 14, she was able to land a record deal with Atlantic Records and in 1994 her first album, Brandy, was released, with her R&B and pop crossover hit, "I Wanna Be Down." The music album reached gold status in less than two months, and quadruple platinum status soon afterWith her soothing and soulful voice, Brandy has gained the acclaim of many critics and fans.
Flappy Attack!
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Flappy Attack Screen shot 2
The Flappy Birds are Angry and want Revenge! Millions and millions of Flappy Birds from all around the world have collaborated together to come and attack your city! You must help Stanley defend your city from this menacing attack! Go there now!
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